38% off Dishonored 2 for XBox One, PS4 and PC – Deal Alert

Play your way in a world where mysticism and industry collide. Will you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or the royal protector, Corvo Attano? Will you make your way through the game unseen, make full use of its brutal combat system, or use a blend of both? How will you combine your character’s unique set of powers, weapons and gadgets to eliminate your enemies? The story responds to your choices, leading to intriguing outcomes, as you play through each of the game’s hand-crafted missions. Right now Dishonored 2 is discounted 38% down to $24.99, for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC versions. See this deal on Amazon.

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40% off Lexar microSD To Lightning Reader – Deal Alert

Lexar’s microSD-to-Lightning reader makes it easy to move all your favorite content to & from your iOS device on the go. So whether you’re offloading stunning action photos from that sporting event, or dramatic video from your drone, or if you just want a simple solution to back up or move around your files while mobile — it’s got you covered. With its small footprint, you can put it in your pocket and go. And the Lightning connector fits with most iOS cases, providing simple plug-and-play functionality. An optional app from the app store allows you to back up files when connected to your device for greater peace of mind. Lexar’s microSD to Lightning reader averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, where its typical list price of $24.99 has been reduced a generous 40%, for now, to just $14.99. See this deal on Amazon.

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AmazonBasics 6-Foot HDMI Cable 2-Pack Discounted To $7.96 – Deal Alert

The AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable quickly connects a wide range of HDMI devices. Use it to connect a small mobile, home-entertainment, or gaming device to a big-screen HDTV, large projector, or computer monitor, for example. Delivering clear, vibrant video, the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet meets the latest standards, which means it considerably expands bandwidth up to 18 Gbps, offers 4K@50/60 (2160p) video resolution (four times more clarity than 1080p/60), and supports the wide-angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio. The cables average 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 12,000 reviewers on Amazon (read reviews). Right now you can get a 2-pack of these 6-foot cables for just $7.96. See this deal now on Amazon.

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What is SQL? The language of databases

Today, Structured Query Language is the standard means of manipulating and querying data in relational databases, though with proprietary extensions among the products. The ease and ubiquity of SQL have even led the creators of many “NoSQL” or non-relational data stores, such as Hadoop, to adopt subsets of SQL or come up with their own SQL-like query languages.

But SQL wasn’t always the “universal” language for relational databases. From the beginning (circa 1980), SQL had certain strikes against it. Many researchers and developers at the time, including me, thought that the overhead of SQL would keep it from ever being practical in a production database. 

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Getting Started with CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter gives you the ability to write PHP code quickly and effectively while Twitter Bootstrap allows you to create interfaces quickly without needing to style primary elements. However, the two are not combined and certain things between CodeIgniter and Twitter Boostrap do not play nicely. With CodeIgniter Bootstrap, it allows you to skip this “combination” phase and have you start developing your idea instead of developing the common web elements.

Getting Started

Of course the first step is to download the codeigniter framework. You can download the latest stable version of codeigniter from the following url http://codeigniter.com/downloads/ . It will be a compressed file (zip file) whcih will be downloaded, just unzip it and keep it in a folder, say codeigniter. Make sure you keep it inside the htdocs or webserver’s directory.

Not its time to configure the codeigniter which initial settings to start working on. To do so, open the file config.php in to your favorite editor. The file resides inside system/application/config directory. You will see an array called $config which stores all the configuration information, we will change only the following values and leave the rest as it is.

| Base Site URL
//don't forget the TRAILING slash (/)
$config['base_url']	= "http://localhost/codeigniter/";

Trust me, that shall be all to get you started. Some blogs/sites have show much changes in this file, but you can play around with them when needed. You can change a lot about your application form this single file. Like you can store the session information inside a database, by simple setting up the config var $config[‘sess_use_database’] as TRUE, which is FALSE by default. You can also change the name of the session table from default “ci_sessions” to anything you like.

Disable Firefox’s Offline Mode

Firefox and some other browsers have the habit of automatically switching to “offline mode” whenever there is a drop in your internet connection.

If you are browsing the web on a Wi-Fi connection or changing your internet preferences from Wireless to LAN, you might have observed that Firefox automatically turns on the Offline mode, which gets really annoying at times.

Here is a simple about:config trick which can be used to permanently turn off offline mode in Firefox

Python Multithreading Guide

In software programming, a thread is the smallest unit of execution with the independent set of instructions. It is a part of the process and operates in the same context sharing program’s runnable resources like memory. A thread has a starting point, an execution sequence, and a result. It has an instruction pointer that holds the current state of the thread and controls what executes next in what order

Python Multithreading – Pros:

  • Multithreading can significantly improve the speed of computation on multiprocessor or multi-core systems because each processor or core handles a separate thread concurrently.
  • Multithreading allows a program to remain responsive while one thread waits for input and another runs a GUI at the same time. This statement holds true for both multiprocessor or single processor systems.
  • All the threads of a process have access to its global variables. If a global variable changes in one thread, it is visible to other threads as well. A thread can also have its own local variables.

Python Multithreading – Cons:

  • On a single processor system, multithreading wouldn’t impact the speed of computation. In fact, the system’s performance may downgrade due to the overhead of managing threads.
  • Synchronization is required to avoid mutual exclusion while accessing shared resources of the process. It directly leads to more memory and CPU utilization.
  • Multithreading increases the complexity of the program thus also making it difficult to debug.
  • It raises the possibility of potential deadlocks.
  • It may cause starvation when a thread doesn’t get regular access to shared resources. It would then fail to resume its work.

How To Use The Threading Module To Create Threads

The latest <threading> module provides rich features and greater support for threads than the legacy <thread> module discussed in the previous section. The <threading> module is an excellent example of Python Multithreading.

OpenJDK may tackle Java security gaps with secretive group

To shore up Java’s security, a private group that operates outside the normal open source community process is under consideration.

The proposed OpenJDK (Java Development Kit) Vulnerability Group would provide a secure, private forum in which trusted members of the community receive reports on vulnerabilities in code bases and then review and fix them. Coordinating the release of fixes also would be part of the group’s mandate. (Java SE, the standard edition of Java, has been developed under the auspices of OpenJDK.)

The vulnerability group and Oracle’s internal security teams would work together, and it may occasionally need to work with external security organizations.

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Prime Members Get 60% off Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Amazon Alexa Right Now – Deal Alert

Nucleus is a family communication device that connects you with the people you love, whether they’re downstairs or across the country. Make audio and video calls by simply asking Alexa. Designed with the kids and Grandma in mind, making it easier than ever to set up and just say “hello.”  Chat on the go: Use the mobile app to check in with from anywhere.  Right now Prime members get 60% off Nucleus Anywhere Intercom, so you can buy it on Amazon now for just $99.99. See this deal on Amazon.

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